How to build a winning Team in a startup

Gaurav Agarwal

 Founder - RECEX(Formerly SMVA Consultants) ,Cofounders Planet


Welcome to your blog post. The Blogs are a consolidated result of the learnings derived during the 10 year Entrepreneurship journey running the Recruitment Exchange and learning from various industry experts and mentors

One great early-stage hire can make a startup. The Core team essentially sets the tone of the company .

You would need a lot of right right steps to be taken to ensure you can recruit, train and retain the right team.

Our Focus should be 1st on onboarding the right talent and then to do rights things to ensure retention.

Listing down some of the steps we always inform our Clients to sweat by

Understanding the internal Requirement 

The 1st step is to understand the exact need of the internal departments. We should create a draft document listing down the parameters like Designation, Salary Budget, relevant Experience ; skill sets needed and if possible a benchmark profile of the candidature sought after.

Create Engagement and communication

After finalizing the need document, it's important to make a shout out in terms of communicating the same need to the Right TG. Publishing the same requirement across the website(careers section) and social handles is important. The same requirement can also be floated to the HR Consultancies, who are specialized to find domain experts

More strong the communication, the merrier. It's important to communicate the manpower requirements across channels and also track the results derived from the omni channel communications

Commitment to Growth

As a startup , the Biggest asset you should never lose is the TIME. Hence, find people who can envision the company and align with the Goals of the Founding members. All should be in sync to achieve the Growth with High velocity.

The  1st 10 folks in your company helps you to go 0 to 1

The next set helps you go 1 to 10

The Next Lot comes in the 10 to 100 journey (Blitz scaling)

Process of Recruitment

Make your own standard process of screening the candidates.

Mentioning the standard process:

1.Add a screening Questionnaire which you want the candidates to be qualified upon. Can have a Google Form for this

2.Have a set of 'must have' and 'good to have' skills

3.Give the candidates a smooth Interview experience

4.Be transparent in the communication w.r.t. the Expectations from the role

Retention Hacks

A Good working culture is a must have . Having an appreciation culture alongside Transparency definitely makes the team member feel really inclusive in the process.

A Good Behavior of the managers is a simple yet non-negotiable parameter

Gamifying the experience of the team mates , rewarding them timely and sharing the portion of your success in the form of incentives, ESOPs are some of the hacks which will keep the core team well belonged to the Company.

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Originally published April 25, 2022

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