Maximizing the Accuracy of Your Hiring Predictions:
Tips and Approaches

Gaurav Agarwal

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Predicting whether one applicant will join your business or not may be difficult, but there are several approaches you can employ to increase the accuracy of your predictions.

One method is to develop a predictive model using data from previous job positions. For example, you can obtain data about the candidates' resumes, performance in interviews, employment conditions, and whether or not they accepted the job offer. Using these factors, you can then use this information to develop a pattern recognition model that predicts the likelihood of an applicant willing to accept a job offer.

Another approach is to collect data on how candidates interact with your business's webpage and job postings using web analytics. You can, for example, track how long candidates spend on the job posting page, which sections of the posting they spend considerable time on, and whether or not they apply. This information can help you identify which candidates are most interested in the position and are more likely to accept an offer if one is made.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of these strategies is limited by the quality as well as quantity of data available. It may also be beneficial to seek the assistance of a data scientist or someone with predictive modelling expertise to assist you in building and interpreting the results of your model.

Originally published Jan 6, 2023

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